Missing person Thailand, Find a lost friend or relative in Thailand

Missing person in Thailand
We often have requests for investigations into lost or missing persons here in Thailand. They are usually foreign men who have disappeared and have not contacted friends or relatives for weeks or months. Unfortunately, people do go missing in Thailand regularly. More often than not, they have neglected to stay in touch because they are having too much of a good time and are unaware that loved ones back home are worried about them, and they will almost always turn up somewhere eventually, unharmed.

But this is not always the case, and sometimes people vanish in Thailand without a trace and go completely off the map. Many times we find this happens when an unsuspecting foreign man on his first trip to Thailand gets caught up in the bar scene and ends up being overwhelmed by the promise of a fantasy lifestyle here in Thailand with a pretty little thing he met in a bar. It is a widespread scenario and one we investigate often. The situation is always the same. A man on a holiday or business trip to Thailand stays in contact the first few days or weeks, but then for some reason, seems to go off the map without a trace. A
Thailand private investigator can help you find lost loved ones.

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Thailand missing person

Many times it is a
Thai bar girl who has led the guy astray with promises of a new life in Thailand free of the stress and strain associated with western countries. The problem for the man is that these women are so intense with their whole "I love you too much," approach that many guys are just swallowed up by it and fall right into the trap. The next thing you know, they are paying for apartments, motorbikes, and sometimes cars and land for the woman's family. It happens all the time here.

It is when men turn up missing for extended periods that problems start. They stop calling home, no e-mail, no nothing. One day they were there, and everything was beautiful, and the next day they seemingly have vanished without a trace. It is this type of scenario that w.

Just about every time, the husband goes missing by falling prey to precisely this kind of trap, the Thai bar girl with the sad sob story of poverty and destitution.

Missing persons in Thailand due to severe illness.
One common reason people turn up missing in Thailand can be attributed to a sudden onslaught of disease or being in an out of the way place like extremely rural areas of Thailand. Thailand is a tropical region, and conditions like Dengue fever, Malaria, and Typhoid fever are widespread here and can strike anyone at any time. It is quite possible that if someone you know goes missing in Thailand, there is a good possibility they have become very ill in a very rural area of Thailand. They can't make it to an Internet cafe to send an e-mail message, or may even be too sick to make a phone call or send a text message.

Thailand private investigator

We accept the following private investigation assignments:

Discreet private investigation of your husband who may be on a business or pleasure trip to Thailand.
Investigate your Thai girlfriend, fiancée, or wife.
Private investigation of a cheating spouse in Thailand.
Corporate or business background checks and business verification.
Missing persons, missing children, parents or relatives who have gone missing in Thailand.
Private security and bodyguard services in Thailand.
Lost or missing Thai girlfriend or fiancée.

Investigations or requests we will NOT consider:

Obtaining phone records or pre-paid phone records.
Obtaining passwords, online bank account information.
Bank account information or bank balance checking.
Political interests.
Intellectual Property cases.
Blackmail. - Not acceptable.
Surveillance equipment or listening devices inside a personal residence or business.
We do not do phone tapping or phone bugging.
No criminal activity such as organized crime .

Mental duress, alcoholism
Another reason that can attribute to missing persons in Thailand is severe alcoholism or mental instability. Often foreign men who are depressed or have some other type of psychological disturbance will go missing in Thailand. They usually go on extended binges of drinking and, at times, will also resort to drug use as well. They end up spending all their money on alcohol and prostitutes to try and drown their sorrows but make things far worse and, in some cases, will even end up taking their own lives.

We have seen this happen many times before in Thailand, and local newspapers report stories like this nearly every day, especially in
Pattaya where this kind of thing seems to happen more than anywhere else in Thailand. If someone you know seemed to be depressed or not themselves and were on their way to Thailand, this is what may have happened to them, but of course, you won't know until you have an investigation done to determine the facts. We are just pointing out what commonly happens here in Thailand.

Locations, Service areas
The standard services areas of investigation are
Bangkok and Pattaya. In addition, we provide Thailand private detective services in all other provinces. We go anywhere and everywhere in Thailand, and all of South East Asia also. Services in different regions of Southeast Asia are available through our partner network. Thailand private investigators, Pattaya private investigator, and Indonesia private investigators.

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Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. It is the reason people contact us; they want to know the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn't fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. Sometimes the truth can be ugly. However, the ugly truth is far better than the lie, and the endless discomfort of not knowing the truth. Skilled
Thailand private investigators can help you. Contact us right now to learn more about Thailand private detective, and our services. We will reply within twenty-four hours. We can conduct a thorough investigation while ensuring your privacy.

Thailand private investigator prices, and fees
While the quoted price generally includes all costs, some complicated cases may require extra expenses. These additional expenses are minimal, but necessary for out of town investigations. For example, hotel and fuel costs. If any other charges are required, then the client will be told beforehand. But, in general, the quoted rate includes all costs and fees. In other words, there are no hidden costs.

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