Investigate a cheating husband in Thailand

Cheating husband Thailand

Is your husband cheating on you in Thailand? In recent years we have had a considerable increase in cases involving western women whose husbands have been coming to Thailand for all the wrong reasons. They might take part in the bar scene here and sample the many girls who work as dancers in the go-go bars of Patpong, Nana Square, and Pattaya. We see this most often in Pattaya. Our Pattaya private investigator office handles these cases in Pattaya.

It is an ever-increasing amount of awareness of the problem as we receive many more requests for this type of investigation than we have ever had in the past. So, how do you know if your husband is having an affair with a Thai woman? There are many signs, but the most obvious would be frequent trips to Thailand, money transfer to Thailand, phone calls and SMS messages coming from Thailand, or other indicators that something is going on. One ever-increasing story is we have women contacting us saying their husband recently got a prescription for Viagra and is heading to Thailand, we have had inquiries like this on several occasions, and especially over the last three years. Word must be spreading of this activity in western nations.

Husband in Thailand

If your husband or fiancee is here in Thailand on a business or "pleasure" trip, there is a very high probability he is now or has been with a Thai girl here. Many husbands are cheating in Thailand daily.

Many of the cheating husbands we investigate don't even have the presence of mind or respect to remove their wedding ring when they enter a go-go bar and leave with a Thai prostitute. The next time your husband goes on a business or pleasure trip to Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand, or if he is here now, let us know, and we will tell you exactly where he goes and what he does. Chances are he will follow suit and go to one of the many sex clubs or bars here and leave with a girl on his arm! It is a widespread thing here in Thailand, and we see married men in clubs, discos, go-go bars, and other sex-related venues all the time. Most men would never expect they would be under investigation here in Thailand. So, if your husband is having an extramarital affair in Thailand, it is highly likely we will be able to catch him in the act and provide you with photographic evidence. In most cases like this, we have an excellent success rate.

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Cheating husband in Thailand

Does this mean all husbands who come to Thailand are cheating with Thai bar girls and prostitutes? Of course not, be the fact remains it happens all too often, and we see it every day when we are out on assignment in clubs, discos, go-go bars, etc. The problem is real, and it does exist. Some women think "My husband is middle age, bald, overweight, no sweet young Thai girl would have any interest in him whatsoever." You couldn't be any further from the truth, and in fact, this is precisely what many of the Thai bar girl/prostitutes are looking for because these men are natural marks. These men come to Thailand, go into a go-go bar, strip club, disco or other nightlife venue and are blown away by all the pretty young Thai girls they see. All of these girls are on the hunt for customers to pay them for sex. If all goes according to plan, get the man to pay for the land, houses, designer clothes, the newest most expensive mobile phone, apartment rent, university, and so on. The list is endless.

The problem is that most foreign men have no experience in Thailand and do not understand the bar scene and what it is, nor do they understand that the vast majority of the girls who work in these bars are out to get as much as they can from these unsuspecting men. Many men get so sucked into it that they will send large sums of cash to these girls and some will even leave their families for the promise of an exotic life living in Thailand with a beautiful young Thai woman. The problem is, most often that never happens, and the men end up losing everything.

Thailand private investigator services

So, how do you know if your husband is having an affair with a bar girl? Here are some general tips.

Positive signs from your husband:
He calls you often and is in his hotel when you call late at night Thai time.
He has a legitimate reason for being in Thailand.
Doesn’t seem distant or vague when you talk to him.
● He d oesn’t hide his mobile phone, or seem over protective of his laptop.
Doesn’t increase his frequency of trips to Thailand.

Problematic signs from your Husband:
Doesn’t answer his mobile when you call late at night Thai time.
Has credit card receipts on his monthly statements from bars or discos.
Seems distant or a change in attitude upon his return home.
Transfers money to a bank account with a Thai woman’s name on it.
Hearing loud disco music in the background when you call him late at night Thai time.
Seems to talk secretly on his mobile phone upon his return home.
SMS message on his mobile from a Thai number .

Thailand private investigator

Reasons you may want to hire a Thailand private investigator:

Is your husband on a business or pleasure trip to Thailand? Do you suspect he may have a Thai girlfriend in Bangkok or maybe frequenting sex clubs or other establishments? You may want to hire a Thailand private detective. We can help you get the facts and determine if he is having an extramarital affair here in Thailand with a bar girl or other Thai woman.

If there are signs of behavioural changes after your husband has been to Thailand, there may be a good reason for it. It is quite possible he has met, and fallen for one of these bar girls over here who has "put a spell on him" (so to speak). That can cause him to abandon logic and reason. It happens all the time here, and we see it every day.

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a
Thailand private investigator to investigate your husband. We are usually able to help in almost any circumstance as long as it doesn't involve any criminal activity to harm another person physically. If you suspect your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée is up to no good, and you want to get revenge on him and ask us for help, you won't get it. However, if you are having problems with your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée that concerns you and you think something may be going on that isn't okay with you, contact us. If he isn't forthcoming or cooperative, let us help you discover the truth of the matter so you can decide what you want to do.

Cheating husband Thailand

In recent years we have had a significant increase in cases involving western women whose husbands are over here in Thailand frolicking around with bar girls and prostitutes. Not only is it going against your wedding vows, but it is also a hazardous activity that could have serious health risk in the form of sexually transmitted diseases that can be a risk to the family as well as the husband. If you are a woman from a western country and you are aware of what goes on in Thailand in the many bars and nightlife establishments there are here we can help. If you are worried that your husband, boyfriend, or fiancée may be having an affair with a Thai woman or a Thai bar girl or prostitute, please contact us. We will investigate the matter for you, discreetly and professionally. The fact is, we see it every day and it is staggering just how many married men we see with bar girls and prostitutes who didn't even have the presence of mind to remove their wedding ring. If you suspect your husband may be doing something like this, contact us, and we will get the facts for you. The truth is out there!

If you have any other legitimate concern and need to hire a
Thailand private investigator to assist you, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will do our very best to help you resolve the matter with a fact-based investigation designed to help you know the truth, based on the facts provided.

Get peace of mind

Hey, we get it. Peace of mind is the bottom line, while privacy is a top priority. It is the reason people contact us; they want to know the truth. There is nothing worse than not knowing the truth. Dark secrets hiding in the shadows isn't fun for anyone. It eats away at your peace of mind and causes stress and worry. So, we understand your dilemma. When we take a case, we understand what the end game is. It is to give the client peace of mind while resolving the situation with the truth.

Sometimes the truth can be ugly. However, the ugly truth is far better than the lie, and the endless discomfort of not knowing the truth. Skilled
Thailand private investigators can help you. Contact us right now to learn more about Thailand private detective, and our services. We will reply within twenty-four hours. We can conduct a thorough investigation while ensuring your privacy.

Thailand private investigator prices, and fees

While the quoted price generally includes all costs, some complicated cases may require extra expenses. These additional expenses are minimal, but necessary for out of town investigations. For example, hotel and fuel costs. If any other charges are required, then the client will be told beforehand. But, in general, the quoted rate includes all costs and fees. In other words, there are no hidden costs.

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